OMH | One Million Holders

The best metric in crypto!

Most tokens focus on price and marketcap. These are values that can be manipulated relatively easy. We know it's the number of holders that bring true value to a project! 

Why One million Holders?

We aim to build a solid and long-term project that ultimately can grow to over a million holders. This is not a wild fantasy, but hard reality! Many tokens, like $doge of $shiba have a multiple of millions in holding addresses. This is also what makes them strong investments. It is by far the most valuable metric in this space!

We are going to use our tokenomics and the proven Multi Level Marketing (MLM) concept to grow our holders above all. In time marketcap will follow as utility is added. You see, it is way easier to add utility to a project with a large holder base than it is to add holders to a project with only utility!


100 Million Total Token Supply
45+ ETH Buybacks done
0% / 4% Buy / Sell Tax
5% Dev & Marketing
Liquidity will be locked for 6 months  -  0% initial buytax  -  1% reflections   -  Anti sniper / bot measures are taken  -  CMC and CG listing requested 

Road map

One Million Holders is going to change the game in crypto by using the proven marketing strategies of MLM to build a solid user base in crypto!

February 23, 2023

Token launch
  • Website V1

  • Build dev fund

  • Launch buyback system

  • Grow founding community

February 24, 2023

  • Build community

  • Partner with callers

  • Release infographics

  • Start Development MLM portal

March 1, 2023

Devops & Promotion
  • Contract signed MLM firm

  • Backend development

  • Frontend design

  • Prepare alpha release

  • Structure community

  • Engage social marketing

March 6, 2023

Hello world
  • First Alpha release (POC)

  • Press releases

  • Marketing P1

March 26, 2023

  • Launch of MLM portal

  • Marketing P2

  • AMA's and partnerships

March 31 onward

Campaign start
  • Kick-off MLM adds

  • Referral campaign

  • Shill contest

  • Giveaways and games

April 2023

First MLM targets
  • 500 Level 1 holders

  • 4,000 Level 2 holders

  • 30,000 Level 3 holders

  • $2M Market cap